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Push, Pull, Spray

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The airbrushing adventure continues and I have to say, it is really useful for base coating models, and especially tanks, really quickly. My recent jobs have included a new squad of Grey Knights which are now ready for a normal brush; and a set of four eldar grav tanks which are, err, still in progress.

The trick seems to be getting the right paint consistency. Despite all the chatter the net about thinning paints with various chemicals or rubbing alcohol, distilled water works just fine for citadel paints, especially their foundation paints.

By using thinner paint and lower pressure, I seem to get less blockages, and when I do get them; flushing rödspirit through airbrush is enough to get me working again.

However one thing that is important is not to have gloopy paint in the first place. And citadel paints do go gloopy over time. To try and avoid this, I’ve tried to use new paints where possible, and store them in one of the cooler parts of the house. Happily, this is basement which is the same place I do my airbrushing.

I think I will pick up a few extras, including a nozzle cleaner and quick release connector over the next couple of months. I also saw the video earlier in the week and thought, umm, that would be useful; so I might also try and build a spray booth.

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