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Cometh the Inquisitor

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Well, as predicted life is getting in the way of hobby, and between two weeks out of the country, and another mad two weeks at work on a big project; my largely assembled eldar army is highly unlikely to actually get painted, much less played before May. So, Plan B then…

That leaves two options for my first tournament of 2012, Tau, or go with something else I already know very well. And that means Grey Knights.

Last year, the Paladins of Titans did ok, but not great out of their two tournament outings. However, with the distinct advantage of being a small portable army, being (almost) ready to rumble, and being the only 40K army I’ve used for a year (in a grand total of ten games).

With all this in mind, I’m thinking of bringing them out again for the twilight months of 5th edition.

Given that they didn’t work great before, and I don’t want to completely rebuild the army, there are going to be a few minor tweaks. The idea is to optimise how they work given a few scenarios and test them on the locals here before heading home.

This is going to require a total of seven new models, and is also a handy excuse to pickup the ‘new’ plastic Grey Knight box set. I have also been toying with the idea of a second Stormraven, however in the time I have, it isn’t going to happen. Besides, it would replace the Land Raider and that’s big and scary. Big and scary is good, and importantly, quite distracting.

However, one big change is the inclusion of Inquisitor Coteaz. As I’m not fundamentally changing my army and going for a henchman based force; Coteaz is just an Inquisitor with added benefits and shenanigans.

However he does make a big difference in how the army is played, especially against deep striking armies.

Anyway, as it shouldn’t take too long to get together, I’ll post some updates on its performance, or lack there of in the coming weeks.

So what about the pixies? Well, I’ve undercoated four grav tanks in the last few days and I’m aiming to base coat them this week using the airbrush, probably. However, the aim will be to get the army ready for 6th edition later in the year.

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