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Zoom Zoom Zoom


Well, I promised more pixies at some point and here they are! After a lot of swearing, and few messy moments with super glue, and a few injuries; my five man (eldar) bike squad is assembled and painted.

Finished jetbikes

These guys where actually started back in March 2010, so almost two years ago. As I wasn’t happy with the ‘Harley’ look of the normal eldar jetbike, I decided to convert them to something a little more sporty.

The handlebars and pedals were moved and the rider adapted by bending the legs and replaced the head. The fuselage is modified with a starcannon and either end of a scatter laser. Then lots of grey stuff was used to fill the gaps.

The Warlock was based around the same rider, but with a torso from Microart Studio. Again, grey stuff was used to sculpt the additional details.

The canopies were painted and highlighted using the new airbrush, and some masking tape. Hope you like them!

And finish off, here’s my new farseer. I think this is the fourth eldar farseer I’ve painted over the years and I have say, this is my favourite sculpt.

Anyway, with three troop choices and one HQ done;  I can field a legal army. Hooray!

Next project? Well, I need some tanks…

3 thoughts on “Zoom Zoom Zoom

  1. Nice colour scheme, and the stripes make them stand out. Nice work on the Warlock too, and good choice of Farseer too – posed as if casting a spell or etc.

  2. Take a look at 40k v6th.
    Bikes get 12″ move, + now get the standard new 2d6″ Assault move (for Eldar [craftworld and Dark Eldar] still 2d6″ even if not into Assault),
    still same Armour save and +1 Toughness and same weapons and shooting.
    New 5+ “Jink” save (4+ if “Skilled rider”) against shooting. Forget if and/or Armour save.
    “Feel No Pain” remains in addition to Armour save, but think FNP reduced to 5+

    In melee combat, “Hammer of ??” gets a melee Initiative=10 single Automatic hit at AP- for Bikes and for Jetbikes and for Jump Packs (e.g. Assault Marines) and for Monstrous Creatures.

    All defenders get “Overwatch” shooting against Assault but at only BS=1 so only 6+ to hit.

    Plasma Grenades are now 8″ range Strength=4 Blast.
    And Plasma Grenades still give normal Initiative for Assault through cover, and now count as Strength=4 grenades in Assault against vehicles.

    Vehicles are now WS=1 to be hit in Melee (except Walker/Dreadnought), and I think are WS=0(?) if vehicles do NOT move. A LOT easier to hit with Strength=4 Plasma Grenades or Witchblade.

    Vehicles can only move 6″ for passengers to disembark (few Eldar disembark to Assault);

    Glancing Hits do 1 “Hull Points” damage (most vehicles have Hull=3 before “wrecked”, except HP2 for Venom or HP4 Land Raider);
    Penetrating Hits “explode” vehicles on 6 (+1 if AP2, or +2 if AP1);
    Melta remains Strength8 +2d6 at up to 1/2 maximum range; “Lance” remains unchanged;

    Take a look – Psykers, Bikes. Flyers, Swoopers get new bonuses, Eldar, Grey Knights, Necrons, Space Wolves all look to have potential.
    Psykers use 1 power per Mastery Point, and several new powers (not read yet).
    (Each power costs one “Warp charge” point to cast, and “Spirit Stones” add +1 Mastery and Warp Charge to cast 2 powers per turn as in 40k 5th edition. Eldrad is Mastery=3)

    Eldrad gets 4 powers from the “Divination” or “Telepathy” discipline or can choose any 1 to 4 of his 4 powers from existing Codex Eldar powers. Normal Farseer can also choose powers from same choices – “Divination” or “Telepathy” or Codex Eldar.

    New Psyker powers look useful – Divination includes “Prescience” = like a 12″ range “Guide” ;
    While Telepathy includes “Hallucination” = 24″ range with 1d6 roll to make enemies either “Pinned” or “Cannot shoot, Run, Charge nor strike blows in Combat” or else “every model inflicts a single hit on his own unit” ;
    (OK – Marines can choose from about 4 of the 5 Psyker power decks, Eldar from just 2);

    I think “Defend against the witch” gives a 6+ save against Psyker powers, I think even for NON-psykers.

    Have fun looking up new ideas !

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