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Adventures in Airbrushing


Airbrushing are one of those things I’ve always wanted to have a go at, but have never had the money, time or reason for. Well, with a tight deadline to paint my eldar, I thought it was about time to dive in!


Actually the idea started last year when I used a Games Workshop spray gun to base coat my Grey Knight Storm Raven. This saved a huge amount of time and led to some thoughts about how I would paint the tanks for the pixies.

Fast forward ten months, and Andrew Galea started his Airbrushing 101 series on RHQ TV. This provided a good kick, seeing a newbie starting to learn how to use an airbrush and providing some practical advice.

Anyway, after a lot of research on the web, I took the plunge!

So, what do I have? Well, I ordered a fairly basic compressor from Amazon. My machine does not have a tank on it (although its got a moisture filter and a regulator), however as I’m just starting and I’m working on specific projects, I don’t think it will be a problem.

On the other hand, I did invest in a Harder and Steenbeck Evolution Silverline airbrush. These airbrushes have a good reputation, and the Silverline has a thingy limiting the volume of paint going through it. This is something I wanted because it means so you can paint consistent lines (in theory).

This was the first thing to arrive, earlier today (pictured above on the painting tray). I have to admit, it feels reassuringly solid and heavier than it looks. This is always a good sign in my books. I also have to say that Air Tech in Fort William were very quick sending this, and P&P was even free to Sweden.

I have also got some cleaning brushes coming, an airbrush cleaning station (so paint doesn’t go everywhere when the airbrush is cleaned) and a handgrip moisture filter as a last line of defence after the moisture filter on the compressor (apparently water in the air supply is not good).

Once the rest of the stuff arrives, I’ll do a few posts on how I get on. I suspect my jetbikes will be a good project to start with…

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Airbrushing

  1. Great to see the choice you made mate, I’m at literally the same stage as you with a very similar blog apparently yesterday also:

    Will be interested to see how it goes for us both!

  2. Great choice you made there. I have been using the same airbrush for years (after two other models that were not as user friendly) and am totally happy with it!

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