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Tanks for the Memories

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Ever had that feeling that you might have bitten off more than you can chew? Well, rather rashly I have decided my Maugan Ra deathstar tactic could be fun and might even work. This rather obviously requires some eldar.

Whilst I could reuse some of my existing eldar (pictured here), I’m not going too. So instead I will be building and painting almost an entirely new army; before the 5th May and A Small Matter of Honour.

Luckily, the Rangers are almost done; and Bikes are built and undercoated. This is fortunate because apart from the four warlocks, these are the big conversion projects. However there is still a lot of work to do, not least of which will be building and painting five grav tanks.

The reason for going so tank heavy on this list is two fold. Firstly, I like tanks, especially flying tanks. Secondly, with the time limitations, tanks will be quicker to paint than units, or squadrons of War Walkers. I have ordered an airbrush (compressor, etc, etc, etc) specifically for this job so that will be very exciting and probably quite a steep learning curve.

Anyway, the modified army list(s) looks like this:

Raiding List

Farseer (runes of warding, fortune, singing spear) 103
Warlock Bodyguard, Warlock, Warlocks (destructor), Warlock (enhance), Warlock (embolden), Wave Serpent (shuriken cannons, star engines) 130
Fire Dragons, 4 Fire Dragons, Exarch (crack shot), Wave Serpent (shuriken cannons) 197
Rangers, 5 Rangers 85
Jetbike Squadron, 3 Jetbikes, Jetbike (shuriken cannon), Warlock (destructor) 153
Dire Avengers, 9 Dire Avengers, Exarch (defend, diresword & shuriken pistol), Wave Serpent (shuriken cannons)
Night Spinner (holo field) 150
Falcon (two shuriken cannons, holo field, spirit stone) 175


Maugan Ra 195
Warp Spiders, 4 Warp Spiders, Exarch (additional death spinner, withdraw) 142
Fire Prism (holo field, spirit stone) 150

This is a little more elite than I am use to (I do not normally use holo fields for example), however it should be interesting, and more importantly, portable! Or at least it will be once I’ve decided how to transport it.

Unfortunately all this means I won’t get to test this list much before May.

This is a minor detail; I’m sure it will be fine…

One thought on “Tanks for the Memories

  1. For portability try a Kaiser Rushforth double case or Triple case since KR do custom-cut Eldar foam – precut into shape for Waverserpent or Jetbikes. KR also do large enough cutouts for Walker/Wraithlord/Avatar, or small enough cutouts for infantry.
    I recommend 50mm deep for tanks and jetbikes, or 70mm deep if you add arials or etc neding space.
    Just one Triple case to carry to Westbury with some combination of up to about 4 walkers, 10 Jetbikes, 6 to 8 Waveserpent/Falcon/FirePrism or etc.
    Nice painting, Caesar

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