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Sneaky Pixies


One of my troop choices for my new eldar army had to be Rangers. I just love the idea of elf snipers working at the very edge of their society. Happily, they also provide the opportunity for some conversions, which is exactly what I have done!

Eldar Rangers

Rather than using the normal Games Workshop Rangers, my Rangers are based on the resin Ranger Torsos and Legs from Microart Studios.

For the long rifles, it made sense to use the avenger shurkicats I had. Because I would imagine Rangers using many different types of long rifle in addition to the traditional las-based weapon, three of the rifles were converted using Kroot rifles and a bit of plastic dowing.

And then for accessories, I had some fun. All Rangers come with a pistol, and the old gun powder pistols from the Kroot warrior sprue seemed appropriate, so I used some of those, except for the guy with the Dark Eldar splinter pistol. Several Rangers have Tau backpacks, and then everyone had a spare ammo clip from the Dire Avenger sprue.

So there they are, four very cosmopolitan eldar Rangers. Suppose I really ought to paint them at some point…

2 thoughts on “Sneaky Pixies

  1. I really really like the rangers and with 6thnedition here thinking of rapidly expanding rangers into my ray and was wondering if you bought these straight from micro art studios or through someone else as they work nigh on perfectly for rangers

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