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Up From The Ashes

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Apologies to anyone expecting any cricket references, which for the record is possibly the most English game in the world (who else would invent a game where it is easier to draw than to win?).

No, today I will be talking about the very excellent Phoenix heavy myrimdon for the Retribution of Scyrah, mainly because I’ve finished painting my one.

OK, the Retribution have newer shinier toys, and at 10 points the Phoenix is at the top of end of Iosan technology; however it has a few things going for it…

  1. Its got a very big sword! Bear with me here, in Warmachine weapons with Reach are surprisingly useful. Combined with its movement of 6 (which is very healthy) the Phoenix has a 11″ threat range with a Strength 17 pointy stick. And if it gets a critical, it sets the victim on fire. Nice.
  2. The Halo cannon! Which has a cool name to begin with, but more importantly it is also is a blast weapon. With very few ways to deal with Stealth infantry, the more blast weapons the better.
  3. The Phoenix can clear out infantry using its special Combustion attack, hitting everything within 3″, although probably best to check if the victims are fire proof first…
  4. It has an arc node. So a heavy durable jack that can channel spells. Umm, there are possibilities there methinks.
  5. And finally, in addition to the normal power field rules, the Phoenix has the aptly named, Phoenix Field which automatically regenerates D6 field damage boxes every turn and therefore has the potential to be REALLY annoying.

Anyway, with the Phoenix, my Retribution army is now 28 points which is quite reasonable, however there is still a lot more to paint.

This said, the next update will probably be about the other ‘elf’ related project.

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