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It took over a year, but I have finally finished the first 15 points of  my Retribution with a unit Stormfall Archers and two Mage Hunteer Assassins.

As my new year resolution was to have a playable Retribution force before I went back to work today, I’m actually 3 points ahead with Eiryss on the team.

Next up? Well I’ve started another myrmidon so it would only be right and proper to finish him before moving onto something else. Together with a unit of Mage Hunters, these guys will be knocking on 35 points and getting into tournament sized territory.

After that, a second warcaster will follow.

And finally, in case any hardened Warmachine or Hordes players hadn’t noticed, Privateer Press updated their errata this month (available from here). It has to be said that coming from a 40K background, the Warmachine FAQ and Errata is refreshingly short.

2 thoughts on “Twang!

  1. Just checking in to say that I enjoy your posts!

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