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Warhost of Rath-Torhan


Planning a new army is full of lots of decisions. The first decision is normally what race or faction take, then for me the next important decision in colour scheme, after that, everything else is details.

After tweaking my initial idea and adding purple, and painting a test model; I think I have that cracked.

The next decision is what to build. Most armies have a set of builds that work, and a few that are outrageously over powered. The over powered route may be tempting, but tends to leave huge weaknesses and can be very boring to play (and play against). In the case of eldar, Eldrad and Seer Councils are very obvious units in this respect.

Unfortunately the Warhammer 40000 meta game seems to have left the eldar behind as one of the older codexes. That makes the obvious things even more of an issue, as everyone has a way to deal with them.

So avoiding the obvious, the decision becomes one of theme, and I think fast suits my playstyle best. Eldar tanks are fast and I like tanks, so let’s have lots of them!

The other factor deciding what appears in this list is the models I already have available, as I no desire what so ever to purchase anything Finecast. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer hard plastic, hard resin, and metal. Besides, I have quite a lot of unassembled pixies already.

So here it is! 1500 points of fast, armoured, pixies.

Farseer (runes of warding, doom) 95
Autarch (laser lance, mandiblasters, jetbike, fusion gun) 140
Striking Scorpions, 9 Striking Scorpions, Striking Scorpion Exarch (chainsabres, stalker), Wave Serpent (shuriken cannons) 282
Jetbike Squadron, 4 Eldar Jetbikes, Warlock (destructor) 143
Dire Avengers, 9 Dire Avengers, Dire Avenger Exarch (defend, diresword & shuriken pistol), Wave Serpent (shuriken canons) 257
Rangers, 5 Rangers 85
Warp Spiders, 4 Warp Spiders, Warp Spider Exarch (additional death spinner, powerblades, withdraw) 152
Fire Prism 115
Fire Prism 115
Night Spinner 115

The troops are all about snatching or holding objectives, whilst the Scorpions are my close combat thump stick.

Everything else is there to annoy my opponents; controlling movement, making psychic powers a little more dangerous, or peppering stuff with Strength 6 weapons.

That’s the theory anyway!

Right, back to painting my Retribution stuff now!

8 thoughts on “Warhost of Rath-Torhan

  1. This seems like one of those all round strength armies, are you worried about facing specialised armies, eg fast close combat?

    dark eldar would be in hand ot hand with you pretty quickly and you dont have very much to defend yourself with.?
    i dont often fight eldar, and im interested to know how clsoe combat enabled they are?

    • Its a case of not worrying about defence because they are as fragile hell. The aim of the game is to break apart coordinated assaults.

      Armour 12 vehicles are a bit a weakness in the current game but that’s how it is!

  2. I would go with a couple of units of 3 Jet bikes to hide/snipe with the Shuriken Canon and then boost forwards to contest or steal objectives.

    • I was originally thinking exactly the same, but three by three bikes gives up easy kill points and i wanted them to be a credible threat in their own right.

      Of course, once GW update the jet bike models, I will have some more.

  3. Hi,

    The list looks nice, but I worry about it’s anti tank ability without fire dragons or the vehicles upgrading the twin s-cats to s-cannons to add extra str 6 shooting.

    Another thought I had is to give the farseer fortune as well. Sometimes you just need a unit to survive.

    Can’t wait to see them painted, do you think you’ll have them ready for ASMOH ?


    • Strangely enough, the first upgrade at 1750 points is a unit of Fire Dragons! At 1500, I’m hoping the Fire Prisms can handle the task at range, and the HQs can do the job when things get close.

      Not ideal, but aiming for something… err… lean.

      I’d love to make ASMOH however I’m planning to be over in April, not May. Need to find some tournaments up here at somepoint!

  4. Your only AP looks like 1 Autarch’s Laser Lance, 1 Diresword, 1 Warp Spider Exarch “Powerblades”, and combining both Fire Prisms for AP3 Large Blast template, (or IF one of the 5 Rangers rolls a 6 on “to hit” or a 6 on “Rending” to get AP1 or to ignore armour saves).
    Your anti-tank depends on the same Fire Prisms (double-value from 230pts of Prisms = nice), or for Shuriken Cannons 1/6 x 2/6 chance to pop light ADR11 transports or perhaps leave them “Shaken” (extra armour negates “Stunned”).

    Your strong contrast colours and “Void Dragon” image/logo add well to your neutral-grey “ghost armour” theme colour.

    • There’s a couple of witchblades in there and a fusion gun in the hands of an Autarch.

      However, this army will probably be relying on the Fire Prisms. At least until I give up and have to hit tanks with big pointy sticks.

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