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The Year of the Elf


I have made a decision. It may sound like an Irish tradition, but 2012 will be the year of the elf for this gamer.

Why? Well like most wargamers I have far too many projects to work on (resulting from the ‘shiny effect’ when a miniature company releases new models), however I have two particular armies I would like to made some major progress on.

Firstly, my Retribution of Scyrah Warmachine army needs some more work. I already have all my myrmidons either assembled or painted, but there are a lot of foot soldiers left to paint. Over November and December I have assembled and undercoated almost enough to hit 50 points with two warcasters so that’s what I’m working on at the moment.

The first Mage Hunter Assassin is almost done so I’m making progress. Slow progress, but progress.

Next up will be my Eldar. I’ve struggled to get the enthusiasm to really get into this project, however with the new Imperial Armour 11 book out (which I fully intend to order at somepoint) and a new Eldar codex due within 18 months (allegedly) , I’m itching to get back to them.

I’m also seriously thinking about re-imagining Rath-Torhan, my craftworld, to make the colour scheme easier and faster to implement.

On the grounds my Iosans are using a very natural colour palette, I’m thinking about doing something very sci-fi for my Eldar, and I’m also thinking about using yellow as one of the main colours because I don’t have a yellow army today.

Anyway, here is the prototype colour scheme so please let me know if you like it!

3 thoughts on “The Year of the Elf

  1. sweeeeeeeeeeeeet
    theyre all like ghosts then :3

  2. Well “Ghostplate armour” gives Dark Eldar a 4+ save….

    I think your grey “ghost armour” works with your blue and/or purple contrast/accent colours and highlights and shading. About 3 or 4 colours and shading can be enough.
    Using the right pre-mixed colours of the right shades can save lots of time.

    Try the Culreia Lionnadh craftworld photos sent to your email since I couldn’t see a way to post the photos here. (Culreia Lionnadh is “Rising star, rising tide” – 1st half from last page of 1999 blue Codex Eldar, last word from Irish Gaelic) craftword Eldar in sunrise-orange / starlight-blue colours :-
    1 Base colour Humbrol peach,
    2 Wash colour a light watery orange by Armoury,
    (Line armour-gaps with same colour – but use the non watery bits so it looks darker),
    3 Contrast colour blue (humbrol matt 5039 blue/turquoise or you could use a darker starlight blue),
    4 Metallic blue (Armoury “Blue steel” or Tamiya acrylic gloss Metallic blue 81013,X13

    (Photo taken 02 June 2007 12:41, so probably from ASMOH 2007)

    For me, the time saving is by finding pots of pre-mixed paint in light+mid+dark shades of the same colour that can do the shading/highlighting for you.
    And by using shades of Orange / Blue / Blue-metallic / Green to give 3 dimensions in about 3 or 4 colours.

    If you use mostly the same colours as your previous Rath-Torhan army, then you can re-use existing painted figures minimum re-painting by adding just the new units you need to make the army work in the current Codex Eldar.

    Hope this helps,
    (I’m from der London inter-National ‘Elf Service, guv, and I ‘ates wastin’ me time on re-paintin’ stuff)

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