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Treading Water

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OK, I’m going to start this post with an apology, I know no-one likes playing against Eiryss. Accordingly I here by list my excuses:

  1. She’s an elf, I therefore claim the moral authority to include her in an Iosan army.
  2. She’s a Mage Hunter Solo, and therefore necessary in Kaelyssa’s theme list.
  3. She’s a cool sculpt, and pretty models are good.


Now I’ve got that out of the way. What does she do in the game?

OH, lots…

Eiryss is a specialist at shutting down jacks and warcasters. Her disruption bolt is potentially devastating; disruption on a warjack is bad enough, but the affect on a warcaster removes focus, upkeep spells, and stops the warcaster regenerating focus the following turn, completely shutting them down.

She can also put a guaranteed three points of damage on anything she hits (and that is not a massive problem as she is RAT 9). Combined with two Ghost Snipers, that’s up to 9 points of damage regardless of armour. Umm, nice.

However, combined with Lord Acranist Ossyan’s feat, her Phantom Hunter is the most interesting. A shot ignoring LOS, with a boost to hit and for damage; and ignoring overpowered power fields and spells buffs. Hello!

Of course, as anything worth doing is worth over doing, so a unit of Mage Hunters in the same list also has potential. Mr Warlock, transfer that!

My Eiryss is painted to match the rest of my Retribution force, and she is the first model to be mounted on a fully aquatic base. This was done using Woodland Scenic Water Effects combined with a few sculpted lilly leaves.

Next up? Well, there’s this two point solo a chain weapon…

One thought on “Treading Water

  1. “Start at ‘over the top’ and then work your way up” ?
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (Gott Nytt År),

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