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Before we begin, a warning: this blog post will not be about making swoshing noises whilst playing wargames. Whilst some degree of friendly taunting is acceptable, and to be encouraged, bolter sound effects are not.

No, this blog post will be about podcasts, and there are lots of these around. However I will highlight just the three I listen to regularly. Two of these are related to wargaming, and the third is included because it is simply good for the soul.

Although I normally have a fairly hectic schedule, I do have at least 30 minutes in the car every day and in the absence of BBC Radio 4, these podcasts are a nice way to soften the trip to and from work.

Friday Night Comedy

The online home of the Now Show and the News Quiz, both broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 18:30 on Friday evenings (at different times of the year obviously). Both are excellent and given that (a) we can’t get Radio 4 in Sweden and (b) I was never around at 18:30 on a Friday anyway; I am very grateful the BBC posts a copy of the show on their website to download every week.

Good job Auntie!

The Precinct Omega Hobby Cast

Although sometimes a little infrequent, the Precinct Omega Hobby Cast is a great podcast on the hobby aspects of wargaming, concentrating on topics such as painting techniques and model reviews.

The host, Robey Jenkins, runs his own commission painting business and is an overall good egg. He is also involved in the Gaming Club Network in the UK and as a newly minted foster parent, he is someone I have a lot of respect for (trust me, fostering is not an easy thing to do).

Guts n Gears

Last, but not least (and normally longest) is the Guts n Gears podcast concentrating solely Warmachine/Hordes games. Again, I know the two presenters of this show, Sam Sedgi and Andres Olivares and they frankly do an outstanding job on this podcast.

They have guests from Privateer Press on almost every show providing insight to the Iron Kingdoms world, their own design process, and the tactics of the game.

If you play Warmachine and/or Hordes, this is the podcast to list to.

And in Other News…

Since my last post I have painted precisely one model, but as he is a Christmas present, the picture will not go up until after the festive season.

This said I have assembled and undercoated a lot of angry elves so the plan is to paint those as the winter kicks in over here. So far I’m half way through one, so it might take a while…

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