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In a slight diversion from Warmachine and because I’m watching far too much Deep Space Nine at the moment; I have painted up the Firestorm Armada ships I bought at Attack earlier in the summer.

RSN Navy

I went for the Rense System Navy (RSN) part of the Zenian League. I particularly like the look of the Phoenix class destroyer. In the game it is strongest at long range and has some kind of stealth technology giving in it the Hidden Killer rule. Anyone else thinking Apache Longbow in space?

At the moment only the Phoenix and Siren class escorts are available, however the RSN Banshee Dreadnought 3D render has been on the Spartan website and looks very impressive.

I will eventually pick up the rulebook and more Zenian League ships. As a system that uses buckets of dice and has space ships, it rather appeals; plus it is an excuse for another dice bag.

Next up, more pixies. Umm, bows or crossbows?

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