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You Were Warned…


When we moved house nothing flammable was allowed on the truck. So rather annoyingly all my spray cans had to stay in the UK. This means I cannot start work on any more Cygnar stuff until I procure some black to undercoat them.

Kaelyssa Battlegroup

However, on the plus side, it has forced me to paint the stuff I have had undercoated for almost a year! With Strangeways and the Thunderhead done, the next thing on the list is my Retribution army, of which 15 points is ready to go, or at least ready to be painted!

To start with I have Kaeylssa as my caster, together with a Griffon, a Hydra, a unit of Stormfall Archers, and two Mage Hunter Assassins, because they are horrible and wrong. That is 15 points in a mere 8 models which I hope is a good start.

It Glows!

Over the last few projects I have aimed to use a new painting technique at some point. I’m realistic enough to know that I’m never going to be a top-tier miniature painter (I have neither the eyesight, skill nor time to achieve this), however I like to put out nicely painted armies.

On my Cygnar, the new thing was non-metallic gold. This time, I’m doing glow effects, specifically orange glow effects.

This is actually quite straightforward. Firstly a watered down Burning Orange was used for the outer glow, followed by a inner glow of fiery orange; then the brightest glowy bits were painted with a fiery orange/golden yellow wash, with a golden yellow wash to finish.

Power Progression

To expand to 25 points I’m thinking of adding a Phoenix heavy myrimdon and replacing the Griffon with some solos, probably an Arcanist and a Artificer. This would also enable me to swap in Ossyan as my second caster without too many major changes.

The other option is to go for a full unit of Mage Hunters to tie in with the Mage Hunter theme. I have to admit, there’s something very appealing about a unit that can shoot through walls. In this case, the Artificer will be running protection duty to make sure the Hunters get to their target without getting caught in too many blasts.

50 points seems to be the standard for tournaments over here, so to fill the additional 15 points, I’ll probably include both of the above options, and then look at some solos. I have plenty of options (unassembled in blister packs) however I suspect something shooty will be first on the table.

Shadows of Retribution

My other option at 35 points is to build a tier 3 Kaelyssa list. This is really tempting as I like the idea of a Mage Hunter themed army. In this case I’ll probably go for two small units of Mage Hunters plus Eiryss and Narn.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to take the Stormfall Archers or the Artificer but I would get some interesting bonuses, especially the ability to redeploy a Mage Hunter unit after normal deployment, and a free Mage Hunter Commander.

No matter how nasty the Phantom Seeker ability is, I suspect this list will be a little one dimensional and very vulnerable to anything that gets around the Stealth ability.

Still, it could be entertaining…

2 thoughts on “You Were Warned…

  1. Nice paint scheme, simple but works.

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