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Thunder and Lightning


It has taken a while, but I’ve finally finished my third heavy Cygnar jack. In keeping with my first warcaster, Commander Nemo (not to be confused with the clownfish with the same name); this latest addition is the 12 point monster, Thunderhead.

Whilst this guy isn’t the strongest jack in melee, he is uniquely qualified to clear out masses of infantry using his energy pulse. This is a special attack that automatically hits everything with 6″. As the model is on a 50mm based to start with, this covers quite an area. And as a bonus the lightning coil has ROF 3 so can reel off two more (sustained attack) shots after the energy pulse.

Of course, given a buff or two, and some focus, the Thunderhead’s two open fists might also do some damage, or be used to throw stuff around (we like shenanigans).

3 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightning

  1. Hey, so, something a veteran cygnar player informed me of is that the pulse has no weapon system that it is affiliated with. So, you can pulse and then shoot three times, b/c the coil has ROF 3. Also, your model looks totally rad! Did you air brush or paint brush? Thanks!

    • On, ps, with his two open fists, energizer, and static field or what ever it is called the thunder head can lay down so serious damage. Ie POW 18 against ARM 20 warjacks and ARM 18 beasts is not bad at all. Depending on which Nemo you are playing the additional effect maybe electro leaps or disruption. Either way they take the thunderhead from sub par pillow fists to well endowed power fists.

    • Check again, the pulse is a special attack on the Lightning Coil so you can pulse, and then only (!) shoot twice. Might have been different in mk1.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment! This guy was painted before I got my airbrush.

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