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Heading North

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Well, tonight was my last club night at Sad Muppets for quite a while. For those of you that don’t already know, I heading off for a far cooler climate, leaving the positively tropical Basingstoke behind.

Between the madness of work and moving, tonight was my last night at this club, a club that I helped setup and run for a good few years; and whilst my move has been on the cards for a bit, it feels extremely weird to be saying goodbye to all the friends I have made over the years. I hope in some way, I have helped improve a few lives, or at least provided a slight distraction from everyday life.

Today, I close the chapter marked, The Sad Muppet Society, and I close it confident it is in good hands. That in itself is hugely satisfying.

Guns, Rockets and BIGGER GUNS!

After passing on a load of RPG books and old wargaming stuff that I didn’t want to move, I actually did manage to get a game in. Appropriately against my long term rival, and another one of the three original muppet committee members, Dave ‘OJ Science’ OJ.

In fairness, we’ve played against each other a lot this year, however today brought out his new shiney Menoth army led by Kreoss, ready to bring rocket shaped revenge upon my Cygnar. For my part, I have two models that have been painted but not played. Therefore Commander Stryker had to be my warcaster and he had to have the new Defender.

As we were only playing a small friendly game, we had 20 points each and the scenario was a straight caster-kill. Easy.

Accompanying Stryker and my Defender, I had a Charger, Reinholht, Black 13 and a small unit of Storm Guard. For a change, I outnumbered Dave’s guys (Kreoss, Vanquisher, Redeemer, two monks, Delivers, and Hierophant).

As per normal, the serious business started on turn two. Dave’s monks falling as early casualties. However when Dave’s two turn arrived, I was rather impressed by a hail of templates falling on my army. To my relief, they only killed the Gobbo and a couple of Storm Guard before I popped my feat. With my army sporting very impressive armour due to Stryker’s Invincibility, Dave proceeded to most miss me with the rockets,

In my following turn, I got a bit (only a little bit) daring and broke cover. Unfortunately I was still waiting for my gun mages to run up to where the fighting was happening.

For my troubles I had a pitiful round of shooting and then Kreoss knocked down most of my army.

Thankfully Dave’s shooting wasn’t much better and the return volley almost killed the Menoth warcaster. After that, it was only a matter of time before my Defender nailed Kreoss in his debut game.

So in the end, a great game and I denied OJ his revenge.

I’m Gone, I’m Outta of Here

What does this have to do with the rest of the blog? Err, nothing to be honest, because this will still be my vent for all things wargame related. However, over the next couple of months, I doubt it will be updated much.

I’ve managed to locate a couple of gaming clubs around the new home so I will keep gaming, and who knows, I might actually get more painting done as well…

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