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Oh Dear, Shiny Things…


I’m just back from the first day of Attack 2011, a local wargaming show in Devizes (that’s in Wiltshire, in case you didn’t know). The purpose for attending was twofold. The main reason was for my better half to sell dice bags.

She’s been spending the last couple of weeks stitching up new designs so if you are in the area, it’s a good opportunity to say ‘Hi’ and check out the new stuff that isn’t on the website yet.

In case you can’t find her, a rather impressive Force On Force game (pictured below) is opposite.

Force on Force


The second reason for visiting Attack was to pick up my third Retribution caster from the nice people from Triple Helix Wargaming. Of course, being the devil he is, Steve also tempted me by bringing the Menoth Faction book to the show.

On the grounds I rather like the Protectorate imagery, and Steve had a ‘10% off the price, rounding down’ pricing scheme for the show, it seemed rude not to pick it up. So, that’s some more reading after I’ve finished the rather excellent ‘Last Chance To See’ by Mark Carwardine (this has nothing to do with wargaming, but was worth a mention anyway because I’m really enjoying the book).

BTW, the photo is Tom not Steve,  because the photo of Steve was rubbish. Tom was doing a fine job demostrating Dystopian Wars all day. A hard job but some has to do it!

Oh, and they will be there tomorrow as well (but be sure to visit the KOed stand first).

More Shiny!

Having a bit of time at a wargaming show without the kids nagging me (“we’re bored, can we go to a park/play on the Xbox/watch TV/be anywhere else Daddy”), I had the opportunity to have a proper nose around the show and catch up with a few friends.

I’ve been musing about getting into another space ship game for a while. I’ve got a marine fleet for Battlefleet Gothic, however I’ve never been particularly fond of the rules. I was very tempted by Mongoose Game’s Babylon 5 game but the miniature line was pulled.

However recently I’ve been looking at Spartan Games‘ Firestorm Armada. This game is a little lacking in background, however it is well supported and the miniatures look great. In particular, I’ve been very tempted by the new Rense System Navy ever since I saw the first 3D CAD renders on the web.

As I’m a sucker for nice miniatures, I’m now the proud owner of two RSN Destroyers. And I’m sending the boss to pick a blister of the Escorts tomorrow!

A new CENSORED will be released for this game in November or December which will be really cool, and gives me a few months to paint these up!

In the meantime, I have more warjacks to paint!

2 thoughts on “Oh Dear, Shiny Things…

  1. Good to see you’ve got some Firestorm Armada models – it’s a game that’s just about to start at the Bunker so if you’re even in the area…

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