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For my last few games, the Journeyman Warcaster (otherwise known as Junior) has been making a regular appearance in my Cygnar army. After his rather spectacular outing last night at Spiky Club, I thought it would be a good opportunity to write up some thoughts on how he works.

Junior is a fairly unassuming 3 point solo. He has a couple of spells, Arcane Bolt and Arcane Shield, and a below average statline (RAT 4 is rubbish, but more of that later). However his real strength is his Focus rating of 3.

Yep, I did say Focus. Unlike everyone other solo spellcaster in the game, Junior has his own Focus and can have his own Battlegroup. This is huge, thus why he costs 3 points.

Duracell Bunny

Originally I added Junior as a Focus generator for Commander Nemo. Whenever a spell is cast in Nemo’s control area, he gains an additional Focus point the following turn. This worked mostly well, but as Junior’s best spell, Arcane Shield is upkeepable, it was a bit of a waste of Junior’s Focus.

Jack Rabbit

Using Haley, Junior’s role changed. While Haley may come with a lot of Focus, her spells cost a lot; therefore having Junior look after one of the little jacks is great. Normally, this would be either the Firefly (cough, storm caller triangulation point) or the Charger.

The Charger in particular works well because it needs 3 Focus points to work at peak efficiency. There is a potential downside to this arrangement. If (the quite squishy) Junior gets killed, his jack becomes inert and needs restarting. That makes it quite simple for an opponent to shutdown Junior and his warjack(s).

Pretty F***ing Ninja!

The one thing I haven’t mentioned about Junior is his weapons. His mechanika blade is all right, and in fairness claimed a dire troll character last night with a lucky free strike, however his hand cannon rocks!

OK, he is still only RAT 4, which isn’t very good, however he has Focus to boost that, and then Focus to boost the power 12 shot. This is loads better than using his Arcane Bolt spell.

The hand cannon can (and does) put out enough damage to easily dispose of most solo and even put a few points of points on a warjack or even a caster. Much to my regular opponents annoyance, Junior regular puts the final kill shot onto his warcaster.

This is my favourite way of using him, and not bad from essentially a support solo.

2 thoughts on “Junior

  1. Definitely a nice solo, the FOCUS stat is huge. Another model I’ll have to watch out for if my Menoth face your Cygnar.


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