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Mr Siege

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Another week and another Cygnar warcaster. This week I’ve managed finish Markus ‘Siege’ Brisbane, my fourth caster to fight for the Golden Swan.

This guy is the archetypical caster for this Warmachine faction, for starters, he has a rocket rifle. Nothing wrong with a BFG! Then there is his feat…

Where eHaley and pStryker have denial feats that stop other armies doing things, Siege has a feat that helps break stuff. When popped, Breach halves the armour of enemy models in his control area for the first attack that hits them. That’s potentially horrible.

Next thing I need to sort out is some jacks to specifically support Siege. I reckon a Defender is a pretty good start; plus it has some nice synergies with eHaley as well. And then I need to do the Cyclone because miniguns are nice.

However, my copy of Wrath arrived today and I’m going to be visiting a few different local clubs this week (including Oxford Gaming Club and Spiky Club), so I suspect I will not make much progress for a bit!

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