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A Year Later…


A whole year has pasted since I picked up my first Warmachine models at the Bovington show. I now have quite a few, although mostly unassembled and boxed, however my Cygnar are now a sizeable force.

Unfortunately, the mix of units I have work best with certain style of caster. With Stryker painted and Mr Siege next on the menu, I probably ought to start thinking about taking some jacks that are a little more punchy.

So what is punchy? Umm, more heavy warjacks methinks to replace the rather slow Centurion; and that means building up the heavy jack kit I have, and the Ironclad that comes in the starter set.

Of course that leaves a few more decisions to be made. Cygnar is all about guns and between the two kits I should have enough bits to make any two of the three Ironclad variants. That means I could have both a Defender and a Cyclone.

This has potential because one of my options is to jack marshal one of these with my Gun Mages. With both Siege and Stryker only having Focus 6, I will need to be careful with how many jacks I run, so using a Jack Marshal makes a lot of sense. And of course, the Gun Mage Officers also allow their jack to use some of the Gun Mage abilities.

Pointy Sticks

Last night my Stormguard got their first game against my regular Cyrx opponent, and I have to say they did really well! We were playing a 35 point eHaley vs pGoreshade game and I was using them as a meat shield to protect the rest of my army.

The little six man unit managed to take a charge from Deathjack and then later from a unit of Bane thralls. Set defense saved half of them from the thralls, and electro leap from their halberds helped thin them out afterwards (although the Centurion and a Stormcaller had to finish the job).

Storm Guard

It has to be said, both myself and OJ haven’t quite got back into the swing of Warmachine yet because we both made fundamental mistakes with activations and model placement. Thankfully, I only screwed this up (completely) in my first turn. Dave on the other hand made a few little mistakes in activation and model placement throughout the game which didn’t help.

Again, my Storm Tower and Black 13th were fantastic, shooting down Goreshade, twice (after being resurrected by Deathwalker).

The Next Phase

In preparation for Iron Helix, we are planning to visit a few other local clubs next week with the aim of getting a few more games in.

We have also started corrupting some of our fellow muppets so I suspect a few more Warmachine and Hordes armies will be appearing at club over the next few months.

Army wise, OJ has already purchased a heap of Menoth stuff and I’ve got a sizable Retribution army that needs to be painted; although I think I’ll be doing more Cygnar first.

Speaking of which, there’s that 12 point character jack to paint…

5 thoughts on “A Year Later…

  1. That’s some progress!

    Just build a Defender, it doesn’t eat that much focus.

  2. Hey there,

    So if “With Stryker painted and Mr Siege next on the menu” these two are you current casters who else will you have for Iron Helix as each game has a different caster (unless I am massively wrong lol. At the moment I am running Menoth with Kreoss and Reznik and I cant decide who else to run… can we run a caster and then their epic selves to meet these requirements?

    – Rich

    • I will be running Iron Helix and not playing 😦
      The idea is that you need up to three lists in case your caster gets killed, because if they are dead, well, they can’t fight in the next game.
      This also means you can only take the Epic or Prime versions of each warcaster/warlock. 🙂
      Hope that made sense!

      • Oh I get ya. I missed the dying part… so if your super defensive then you can play all games with one caster right? Can you choose to swap casters? If so can you do so after your matchup is announced?

      • Quite correct Richard. You will pick your first caster at the start of the event, and keep them until they get killed.

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