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With all the excitement of the new Grey Knight codex, its bit a while since my Warmachine collection got any serious attention. However, after painting the Charger, I started on the third warcaster for my Cygnar, and here he is! Commander Colman Stryker from the starter box set.

Commander StrykerStryker represents a very different type of warcaster compared to Nemo or Haley, being more combat oriented with a very direct feat (which adds 5 to the armour of all friendly models in his control area). Accordingly, I’m going to build some different jacks to use with him, probably starting with the Ironclad from the boxset.

Also, because his focus is lower, this is probably a good opportunity to paint the Arcane Tempest Gun Mages so I can Jack Marshall either an Cyclone or a Defender. Umm, that will mean more painting then…

I’ve also been playing with Ruth’s embroidery machine so I’ve got new dice bag for these boys. Just need to find Styker’s cards to put in here…

Cygnar bag

2 thoughts on “Stryker

  1. Hey man can I buy one of those bags off you? I have pay pal.

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