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I’m Gone, I’m Outta Here (almost)

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In other news, I will be stepping down as the Gaming Club Network Representative for North Hampshire (that’s in England for any overseas readers) from the 1st August. This is largely due to work swallowing up all of my time and some upcoming changes in our circumstances (nothing bad, but very big from a family point of view).

In addition to my time on the GCN Council, I’ve been involved with the network for the best part of ten years and have really enjoyed working with the community. I can heartily recommend getting involved with your club and getting involved in the wider gaming community if you can spare even just a little bit of time.

Dave Driver, the present Chief Muppet of the Sad Muppet Society, will be taking over the patch as GCN Area Rep. As he is a much nicer (and louder) chap than I, I’ve sure he will fit in just fine.

Of course, I’m not quite disappearing off the face of the earth quite yet, and I’m still part of the Legion of Snake Eyes (as a member as least) and still running our Warmachine tournament Iron Helix on 3rd September (so book up now for that if you play Warmachine or Hordes!).

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone in the UK gaming community that I’ve worked with over the years. Without the dedication and hard work of these individuals the gaming community would be greatly diminished.

Hopefully next time, I will have a piccie of my third Cygnar warcaster!

As the dolphins said, “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

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