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Pixie Power!


As I said after A Small Matter of Honour, I really need to get my Eldar on the table. Too that end, here’s the first pixie list I’ve put together. My aim is to field this army this year, which is wildly ambitious at the speed I paint.

On the plus side I’ve gone for lots of tanks (because I like tanks) and that should speed up the process, in theory. And better still, there are some rather nice conversion possibilities with some of the units.

Eldar Codex (Normal FOC)

Farseer (runes of warding, fortune, singing spear) 103
Warlock Bodyguard, 4 Warlocks (jetbikes, destructor, destructor, enhance) 215
Autarch (jetbikes, laser lance, maniblasters) 130
Dire Avenger Squad, 9 Dire Avengers, Exarch (dire sword, defend) 181
Wave Serpent (shuriken cannon, star engines) 115
Dire Avenger Squad, 9 Dire Avengers, Exarch (two shuriken catapults, bladestorm)   175
Wave Serpent (shuriken cannon, star engines) 115
5 Pathfinders 120
Nightspinner 115
Fire Prism 115
Fire Prism 115

So what do you guys think? Could it work? Does it look even faintly competitive?

6 thoughts on “Pixie Power!

  1. Looks like 1 unit of Dire Avengers and Seer Council run forward with covering/killing fire from 2 Fire Prisms and 1 Night Spinner – plus a mobile backup-wherever-needed task force of 1 Waveserpent with Dire Avengers for anti-infantry firepower to grab objectives, and with Jetbike Warlocks and Autarch for anti-infantry or for anti-tank melee.

    I like the dual-use (anti-tank or anti-infantry) Jetlocks and 2 Fire Prisms. Star Engines are unexpected – for “Fortune” then “Flat-out” or else “Ramming speed” ?

  2. PS – “Could it work? Does it look even faintly competitive?”
    For Eldar, I’d usually ask you Richard (or maybe Matt)!

  3. It looks ok, but I think it lacks anti tank. As you increase the size of the army I’d suggest a unit of 6 fire dragons, incl. March with a heavy game that rerolls to wound, in a wave serpent.

    dumping the warjacks, and losing 1 model from each of the avenger units would allow you to fit them in the list now (obviously the Autarch would lose his bike and join one of the avenger units). However the warjacks are such a great modelling opportunity.


    • Opps, I meant warlocks not warjacks, the auto correction on my mobile was a bit to eager to write about Warmachine 🙂

    • Interesting. I’ve noticed Fire Dragons normally get to attack one vehicle before drawing a huge about of return fire. This said, a unit of five is really cheap at only 80 points.
      In theory, the farseer and warlocks also have an anti-armour role in addition to a combat role which is why they are list. Even the Autarch has anti-armour potential in close combat.
      The next obvious points level is 1750 which gives me 250 points to play with. At that point Fire Dragons and Striking Scorpions are the next things on the menu, probably.

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