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What, no Arc Node?


With a Warhammer 40000 tournament just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to talk about something different; in this case an update to my Cygnar Warmachine army. In fairness, I’ve only added a Charger, a 4 point light warjack with a nice little cannon, and this is all Andy’s fault.

Andy is one of the guys from the rather excellent Beasts of War. If you haven’t checked them out, swing across to their website and start enjoying the many videos they have uploaded there. Andy is the resident Warmachine guy and he came up with the following 15 point list using Commander Nemo.

Commander Nemo (6)
Centurion Warjack 9
Journayman Warcaster 3
Charger Light Warjack 4
Stormsmith Storm Tower 2
Three Stormsmith Stormcallers 3

As I have all of the models, I thought I ought to try it out! Okay, I still had to paint the Charger thus the massive time lag between seeing this list and playing it; however as you can see from the piccie, that little beauty is now finished. Once I actually get around to playing a game, I’ll let you know if Nemo works without an Arc Node.

On a related subject, I’m also aiming to pick up the new Wrath book this weekend, together with a nice big rifle for the pixies. This is the first MKII expansion for Warmachine and includes stuff for every faction. In particular Retribution seems to gain a lot of new units and jacks (sorry, myrmidons).

However I shall be good and paint what I have first before buying more toys! Unless Triple Helix have a Storm Strider in stock on Saturday, in which case I won’t…

6 thoughts on “What, no Arc Node?

  1. Is that your army picture above? I’m curious as to the base inserts. They look amazing!
    Nice blog, btw. Stumbled on to it from Tales of a Press Ganger.

    • Yep, that’s my army. Thanks for the kind comment. I’m rather cuffed how they’ve come out, however still have much more to paint!
      The bases were done using textured plasticard and a compass cutter. Perhaps I should do a video on that because people keep asking… 🙂

      • Wow dude, that is a beautiful army. I would absolutely appreciate a video on those bases! I honestly thought they were inserts! Well done.

  2. The army looks good. And yeah, I like the base inserts. I’m a little surprised that you don’t have a Stormclad in there, man! Good luck in your games. Do Cygnar proud!

    • The Stormclad looks great on paper, but I don’t like the model. However I’ve still have plenty of other heavies to build. Umm, Defender or Cyclone? Decisions….

  3. Defender or Cyclone? Tough choice. I really like the Cyclone to clear out infantry but the punch of the Defender is awesome. I haven’t played grandpa Nemo enough to say either way.

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