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Purifying Westbury


Well, in an unusual change of pace, I’m actually ready for my next 40K tournament, Compliance at Triple Helix Wargames, in plenty of time. My only significant change to my army list is swapping a Strike squad for a unit of Purifiers (pictured below).


These were possibly the easiest conversion ever as the helmets and halberd blades were simply repainted to make the unit look a little different. Besides, I now have a new system to identify the number of attacks a model in this army has; blue-grey weapons have one attack and green weapons have two attacks. It has to be said that this is by accident rather than design.

I have updated to final list (below) giving my Inquisitor rad grenades and dropping a couple of henchmen. In theory this means I can use the Inquisitor as a force multiplier for whatever unit I attach him too (in theory).

Grey Knights Codex (Normal FOC)

Ordo Mallius Inquisitor (psyker, force weapon, psychic communion,rad grenades, two servo-skulls) 76
Henchmen Warband, three death cult assassins 45
Grey Knight Purifier Squad, Knight of the Flame (force halberd), four Purifiers (three force halberds, incinerator) 128
Grey Knight Terminator Squad, Justicar (force halberd), four Grey Knights (psycannon, two force halberds) 225
Grey Knight Strike Squad, Justicar, four Grey Knights (psycannon, two force halberds) 120
Grey Knight Strike Squad, Justicar, four Grey Knights (psycannon, two force halberds)
Storm Raven (twin-linked multi-melta, twin-linked assault cannon, teleport homer) 220
Land Raider Crusader (multi-melta) 265
Grey Knight Dreadnought (missile launcher, twin-linked lascannon) 150
Grey Knight Dreadnought (missile launcher, twin-linked lascannon) 150

Now just need to make this army list look pretty! I have some other cunning ideas to show this army, but I suspect they are going to have to wait for another time.

Hopefully next time there will be some Warmachine stuff to post up as a Cygnar Charger is next in the painting queue; once I’m back in the right country of course…

2 thoughts on “Purifying Westbury

  1. Hi,

    Nice unit, I’m jealous I haven’t been anywhere near a paint bursh since before A Small Matter of Honour.

    The purifiers are a good swap in, giving you more combat punch and helping against hordes with their close combat psyhic power. They’ll be a much better unit going forward in one of your two transports than a strike squad.

    My Dark Eldar Kabel will be sending a raiding force to Westbury, as I’m not changing my list from Rapid Strike I’ve only got to repair a trueborn and a wrack to be ready. A task for this weekend, once I finish getting the spare room cleared of Games Workshop stuff for impending vistors.

    See you at the tournament.


    • Hi Rathstar, don’t tell everyone the plan! Yep, you’ve pretty much nailed it, Purifiers in the transports, and Strike Squads supporting via deep strike. Probably.
      As long as I don’t get wiped every game, I’ll be happy. 🙂
      Glad to hear you are sticking with the Dark Eldar, seemed to be quite a few Dark Eldar armies at Rapid Strike which is cool to see.

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