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Full Broadside


Well, it’s been a while since my last blog. mainly because the work thing has been getting in the way. Although I’m happy to say it’s not just the real job preventing me from painting at the moment (although it is the biggest culprit). Ruth’s business has also got a bit busy with a couple of big orders and a show in Sittingborne yesterday entitled Broadside.


For their first show, the Milton Hundred club seemed to put on a fine event with lots of high-quality participation games and an excellent variety of traders (including KOed of course). I even managed to pick up an old copy of No Quarter to read on the train this week (the Retribution launch issue) so I was pretty happy!

Next up will be Attack in Devizes on the 23/24th July so if you want to pop around and say ‘Hi’, Ruth will be there all weekend and I’ll be there on the Sunday. I’ve also updated the KOed Dice Bags website recently to include the new KOed dice, wooden turn dice, and some new limited edition bags.

And in case you missed it first time around, here is my (cheesy) review of one of our dice bags…

4 thoughts on “Full Broadside

  1. Great news on the business guys – really pleased for you. Bit concerned that Richard is putting the business before painting mind you but hey ho πŸ™‚


    • Yep, the world works like that at times. I know Ruth is pounding the embroidery machine today, so nice to be out of the office. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately the real job is really hurting the hobby time at the moment. Ho hum…

  2. Real jobs eh? I hear you. Major project go live in 2 weeks so real nose to the grindstone of testing and validation work. Not glamourous but it passes the time.

    And then some lunatic went and volunteered to run 40K events…. and this week has been – manic – with only 2 of 40 tickets now remaining. In a week. Sheesh.

    Hopefully next year I’ll have my Cryx beyond just the starter set completed and will try to get to any further Warmachine events you decide to run.

    • Congratulations with MAD! Wish I could commit to it but work is being… uncooperative at the moment.
      If you ever fancy a small Warmachine game, get in contact. I working on a small 15 point Cygnar list to test (all Andy’s faults from Beasts of War) and I’ve got a 15 point Retribution force stuck together waiting to be painted.
      Oh, and I’ve added Von Events to Blogroll for those with no idea what MAD is. πŸ™‚

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