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It Came From the Sky!

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Time for new models once again! Here’s the first addition to my Grey Knights for almost three years, the flying (falling) brick; the Stormraven.

It has to said this is not the prettiest design in the world, but it has a certain utilitarian charm. Of course certain parts of the kit just don’t work for me. For example, the hurricane bolters which are angled perfectly to shot the front thrusters. And then there is the turret…

In this configuration it is largely a flying teleport homer, designed to move as quick as possible and act as a hub for teleporting Grey Knight units. As I’m short of anti-vehicle weapons, it has a twin-linked multi-melta rather than heavy bolter. The very silly turret (which I hate) got converted and carries twin-linked assault cannons for mopping up infantry and light vehicles.

Anyway. hope you like it.

Next up will be some death cult assassins. Probably.

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