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Cheeky Objective (and other Grey Knight goodness)

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Well, April is disappearing fast but I am making progress on my Grey Knights for The Sad Muppet Society‘s annual 40K tournament, A Small Matter of Honour on the 7th May.

However, the first model of the updated army isn’t quite finished yet, so instead of that, here’s a photo of one of my objective makers and a picture of an Inquisitorial Baneblade.

In other news, my wife’s business, KOed Dice Bags, now has an embroidery machine. This means she can do custom logos, for example, this little gem for my Grey Knights…

New generic logos are being added all the time, and we can do most stuff on request. In addition to this, there are two more camo fabrics available, a green ‘jungle’ design, and a winter tundra camo. Check the website for more info.

Next time, I should have pictures of the Stormraven that is currently sitting in pieces next to me, waiting to be varnished.

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