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Grey Knights, round two


I’ve been studying the Grey Knight codex for the last week now, so time to post up some thoughts on the new tome of shinyness, and time to revisit the army list I posted last time.

Grey Knights: The Review

First things first. This is not going to be a blow by blow review of the new Grey Knight codex. There are plenty of those elsewhere on the web. However after reading through the codex properly, I thought it would be a good opportunity to post some comments on the new book.

Firstly, the favour of the Grey Knights has changed from the previous Daemonhunter codex. With much less focus on Inquisitorial forces (and no allies at all), this book is all about the Knights themselves.

And the basic Grey Knight is where the most changes have been wrought.  WS 5 is gone, along with fearless and shrouding. In their place, we have psychic powers everywhere and force weapons for almost everyone. That’s right, for a mere 20 points, every Grey Knight has a power weapon that can cause instant death. Nice.

This one change I think can potentially change the entire meta of 40K; and for the better in my opinion. The reason is simple: wound allocation on multi-wound models has spawned a few killer units in the system such as Ork Nob Bikers and Space Wolf Thunderwolves. These can be all but unstoppable against many armies; however against Grey Knights their greatest asset can easily be nullified, and in the greater scheme re-balanced.

Not to be out done, Grey Knights can also pull the wound allocation trick using Paladins, however these are really expensive.

Actually, this is a consistent theme in this codex, everything is expensive (good, but expensive). When fielding Grey Knights, expect to be very outnumbered.

Secondly, whilst there are elements to be exploited (cough, death cult assassins), I think this army will be a very tactical and will need to be played pretty aggressively; quite interesting for what is a fragile army (Grey Knights are only marines after all). I’m rather looking forward to trying it out…

The final thing to mention, and the only serious downside I’ve found so far in the book, is the background. The Supreme Grand Master in particular is plain silly and much of the other background is over the top. And don’t get me started on including Grey Knight Rhinos and Razorbacks.

Apart from that, its a great book!

A Small Matter of Honour

Last time, I posted an army list for our club’s annual 40K tournament designed to use my existing collection with the minimum number of models to paint. However, after reading the codex again (and again, and again), I have revisited this to create an army that should actually work. Or at least work better.

The core of this is lots of troops and teleport homers; which means this army works in a very similar way to my old daemonhunter list. Ideally, my reinforcements would include a second terminator unit; however there’s no way they would be painted in time!

Raid List (limited FOC)

Ordo Mallius Inquisitor (psyker, force weapon, psychic communion) 55
Henchmen Warband, three death cult assassins, mystic, warriro acolyte (boltgun) 60
Grey Knight Terminator Squad, Justicar (master-crafted halberd), four Grey Knights (psycannon, two force halberds) 230
Grey Knight Strike Squad, Justicar, four Grey Knights(psycannon, two force halberds) 120
Grey Knight Strike Squad, Justicar (force halberd), four Grey Knights (two force halberds, incinerator) 135
Grey Knight Strike Squad, Justicar, four Grey Knights (three force halberds, incinerator) 135
Storm Raven (twin-linked multi-melta, twin-linked assault cannon, teleport homer) 220
Grey Knight Dreadnought (missile launcher, twin-linked lascannon) 150
Grey Knight Dreadnought (missile launcher, twin-linked lascannon) 150


Grey Knight Grand Master (psycannon, two servo-skulls) 230
Land Raider Crusader (psybolt ammo, multi-melta) 270

Of course, the downside of this list is that I have to paint a few more models. After a fury of gluing and some personal time with the black spray can; I now have three assassins, a grey knight in power armour, two servo skulls, and a Storm Raven ready to paint. As is the Grand Master.

Unfortunately they are all at home, and I’m back in Sweden this week; but that’s a minor detail. Work getting in the way of serious army building. Typical!

2 thoughts on “Grey Knights, round two

  1. Nice list. In the current environment not having any rhinos/razorbacks is odd, but as always with going back to an old army we’re stuck with what we had made (and rhinos weren’t worth in the old codex when you had shrouding).

    I hope I don’t met your army in the anniliation mission, at 1750 pts I have exactly double the kill points of your army. You add 2 kill points in your reinforcements while I add 7 🙂

    I agree with you that a 2nd termy squad would have been better in the reinforcements, maybe you can get them ready for the next tournament 🙂 I’ll definetely be getting my beastmaster unit painted up as soon as possible so I can get my kill point total below 20 🙂


    • I’ll normally agree about using Rhinos and Razorbacks. However in this army they might be a little redundant; at least that’s the plan. Besides, Grey Knights should have the best, and that means Land Raiders! If these guys attend another 1750 tournament, I think that terminator unit will have to sneak in!
      Four units of troops, and potentially six scoring units; and only 11 kill points could be interesting 🙂

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