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The new ‘Paladins of Titan’


Well, I’ve got the new Grey Knight codex today and in between destroying my foot (an incident with my daughter, and a perfectly flat piece of car park), and doing some system upgrades for work; I’ve managed a first stab at an army list for Sad Muppets‘ A Small Matter of Honour tournament on the 7th May.

After flicking through the new codex, my general impression is that Grey Knights are extremely expensive and have some fairly crazy options. For example, also everyone has a force weapon and my Brother Captain (who is quite basic) still has a 3+ invulnerable save in close combat.

Bearing in mind this is based around the models I already have, I don’t think it is a bad start. And on the plus side, I won’t have a lot to move around!

Raid List (limited FOC)

Brother-Captain (nemesis force sword, psycannon, rad grenades) 205
Callidus Assassin 145
Grey Knight Terminator Squad (psycannon, two force halberds, master crafted force halberd) 230
Grey Knight Strike Squad (psycannon, two force halberds, psybolt ammo) 140
Storm Raven (typhoon missile launcher, twin-linked assault cannon) 230
Grey Knight Dreadnought (missile launcher, twin-linked lascannon) 150
Grey Knight Dreadnought (missile launcher, twin-linked lascannon) 150


Grey Knight Strike Squad (three additional grey knights, six force halberds, incinerator, psybolt ammo) 230
Land Raider Crusader (psybolt ammo, multi-melta) 270

So there it is! What do you think? Will it work? Can it work? It has quite a low model count (a mere 25 models in 1750 points) so I’m guessing it will need to be played very aggressively which is unusual for one of my armies.

I need to build and paint the Storm Raven plus one normal Grey Knight in power armour; and also paint my brother-captain (he has been undercoated for a while).

Hopefully that should be possible if work does not get in the way too much!

2 thoughts on “The new ‘Paladins of Titan’

  1. Looking good, I like the composition and to be honest 99% of all GK armies are going to be ‘contained, small model, strike hard and fast’ armies. Considering the ASMOH force limitation chart, it should go well! You better take one fo the good lady’s dice bags for good luck and obvious sales oppotunities! My LOSE bag is the envy of many at the Games Bunker and have pointed the peeps in the right direction for the Ko’ed connection! Good luck at the Muppets, pass on my regards to the lads and lasses and hope that foot heals nice and quick!

    • Thanks Chris. I’m now sporting a large toe of many colours! Have no fear, I shall have my Legion Dice Bag with me, unless I can convince the boss to make another one in grey with different embroidered log on it…

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