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Overlord 2011 (and eHaley’s revenge!)

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Hi all, its March already! Of course its about time I posted up some more pictures of toy soldiers, however out of the six Stormguard, I’ve finished three. Moving along swiftly, what’s been going on?

Well firstly we have Overlord, Abingdon Wargaming Club‘s annual show which was last Sunday. Amongst the many cool games we had this very smart hill fort and a proper cardboard city in 15mm scale. The pub even had Abingdon Club’s logo on the sign which is incredible at the scale.

Of course, the main reason for the visit was to promote Ruth’s new business, KOed Dice Bags (have I already mentioned this?). She had a little six foot slot and as she only officially started on the 1st March the table was knocked together at the last minute. However despite that, we received a lot of positive feedback and whenever I disappeared from the stand, she seemed to sell something. Considering Overlord is only a small show, and it was her first event; she was pretty pleased. More importantly, lots of people took her business cards so hopefully she can start to grow the business.

Ruth has even managed to find time to slightly redesign the small ‘Gladius’ token bags, of which I’m the proud owner of the first one made in the ‘Java’ material (ie the odd bit left over after making a bigger bag). Absolutely ideal for storing the tokens for my Cygnar Warmachine army (or the coffee coloured Retribution army I haven’t started yet).

That leads nicely to the final topic of the evening. Unfortunately despite running a Warmachine campaign weekend (check out the review here) I have had precious little time to actually play. However tonight (oh dear, that would be yesterday evening as I write this) I was not stuck on a plane at Heathrow so I managed to get to club!

After a bit of a chat, myself and Dave ‘OJ Science’ OJ got our 25 point armies setup for a straight ‘kill the caster’ game. Dave was using Goreshade the Bastard together with lots of Mechanithralls, Tartarus, a Reaper, a Hell Driver plus some other stuff.

Facing the evil ex-elf, I took Major Haley (eHaley for short), Thorn, a Centurion, a Squire, Black 13th, Harlan, Junior, and a Stormsmith. If this looks familiar, its because I haven’t painted anything else yet (pay attention please!). The first turns highlighted my capacity for indecision and lack of sleep as Dave moved (quite quickly) towards me. With the spectacular use of a time bomb I managed to knock out his Reaper’s cortex; unfortunately this meant I could not Dominate the jack afterwards. Ho hum, some much for that plan. With a Helldiver somewhere under my feet, that was the perfect turn to pull off Haley very annoying feat.

All things considered, I’m rather glad I did when Goreshade popped his feat and rushed a unit of Bane Thralls out of thin air and into base-to-base with Thorn. However I had plans for the pocket rocket, and thus started the first assassination run of the game. Using Black 13 and the Centurion to remove the Bane Thralls, Thorn lined up Goreshade. Dave was remarkably calm about this. Six attacks later, Goreshade was still very much undead as opposed to dead-dead. A cheeky zap with the Storm Tower damaged Thorn more than Goreshade, however it did catch Deathwalker. This rather interesting model is Goreshade’s (un)life insurance if he is disabled. With her gone, the elf was vulnerable.

In Dave’s turn, revenge was swift. Thorn didn’t last long and Dave pulled an assassination run of his own, throwing the Helldiver at Haley. Thankfully her Set Defence rule saved her (much too my surprise).

In the end, Junior saved the day. Pulling out his handcannon the focus ninja dispatched Goreshade with a single shot. Very cinematic and very classy.

All in all a fine game, although I think Dave’s head might hurt in the morning after headbutting the wall. By the way if anyone plays Warmachine anywhere near Basingstoke, please pop down to Sad Muppets one Tuesday night and challenge OJ; I think he’s fed up with my Cygnar.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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