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Hi all, after a bit of a hobby drought, this weekend was full of Warmachine campaign goodness. The only downside being, I was organising and not playing! Still, the first Legion of Snakes Eyes Warmachine Campaign Weekend went very well thanks to a great bunch of players, a great team, and brillant hosts (Triple Helix Wargames in Westbury).

Now that is out of the way, here is the dragon I painted for the event, and of course did not use over the weekend; complete with his 4″ flame template…

To learn more about ‘Where Sleeping Gods Lie’ read my report on the Legion blog and watch Dan’s video.

Next up will be Abingdon Wargames annual show, Overlord, this Sunday (6th March); where I will be helping Ruth on the KOed Dice Bag stand. These have been well recieved so far which is great! As a launch offer, Ruth is including an exclusive D6 KOed dice with each of the first 100 orders so get them whilst you can.

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