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Doh, Forgot the Tape Measure!

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Right, before I start, an apology. This is going to be one of those blog posts about stuff (not) happening, rather than a post with pictures of finished miniatures.  Sorry.

There’s a couple of very good reasons for this. Since giving up the mantle of GCN President to free up more time for hobby, I’ve taken on a committee position with the Legion of Snake Eyes club, which is involving writing a Warmachine campaign weekend; and (more importantly) my better half is looking at setting up a small business making dice bags (and other things).

In between these, I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of small Warmachine games (Major Haley is not nice) and even signed up for the Sad Muppet Society‘s annual 40K tournament, A Small Matter of Honour. Eventhough they won best army last year; I’m tempted to take the Blood Angels again because my new Eldar army is barely started. Although I might have to get a Stormraven…

Where Sleeping Gods Lie

In case you have missed it; Where Sleeping Gods Lie is the first campaign weekend that Legion of Snake Eyes is running. Legion is a group of various gaming activities in the UK community and basically this club is an excuse for us to organise the stuff we want to do.

Hosted at the excellent Triple Helix in Westbury, our Warmachine event will follow the story of Nyrro, as various factions attempt to find this lost Elven god. More information is on the Legion website. However as a teaser, here is one of the special characters in the story.

If you haven’t signed up yet and fancy a fun weekend of campaign madness (where you can buy toys), email Dan at


The other big drain on my free time at the moment is KOed, my wife’s new little enterprise. Although only in planning stages, we have a few products including some rather excellent dice bags and a prototype for a smaller token bag (which will also hold an Centurion warjack, or a smaller model).

With my geek hat on I’ve been starting work on a website and got the logo sorted. Ruth already has built up some stock and today we picked up a piece of fabric with a few LEGION logos embroidered on it. If you are interested, we already have a Facebook page or just email

As well as sorting out practical things, we’ll be doing a bit of market research and product development over the next few months. This is great fun, however it is a little distracting from the hobby side of things.

Speaking of which, I have a secret model to paint before the end of February; so no time to get bored!


P.S. Guess who forgot his tape measure at club Tuesday? Too many things happening at once!

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