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I’ve been playing Warmachine for around six months now and I’ve come across a bit of a problem. I have plenty of storage for miniatures, and several messenger bags for hauling other bits and bobs around.

This is/was great when all of my Warmachine stuff fitted into a small figure case. However my collection has expanded and that case is filling up fast. The problem is, Warmachine, like most other wargames, requires more than just figures to play. In particular, Warmachine needs stat cards, tokens, and of course dice (dice are obviously another obsession point with most wargamers); and I do not have a good way of storing this stuff.

One of the huge Warmachine/Hordes cases from Battlefoam was an option because it comes with lots of pockets, however I do not want something that big; and they are a little ugly. So the solution, dice bags!

Sensing a small gap in the market for really posh dice bags, designed specifically for the miniature wargamer in mind; my wife has been playing with the sewing machine and various designs over the last couple of days.

So dear readers, here’s the first KOed dice bag prototypes to roll off the production line (a rather cold conservatory)…

On top of all this, these are also completely reversible! The plan is to have a few standard types (desert/urban camo anyone?), and to do custom fabrics upon request. Although not officially launched yet; if you are interested, please contact my far better half at

2 thoughts on “KOed

  1. my word that looks awsome that would be an amazing little addition to my bag space that will make things alot more convienient i love the addition of the stat card holder

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