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What More Stars?

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Yep, sorry about that, more stars. We had a clear (but very cold) night yesterday so it is was a good opportunity to point the camera to the heavens again. Unfortunately, whilst is was a clear night, the moon was out which wasn’t helpful.

So, here’s a picture of the Pleiades…

In other news, those who know me will know I’ve been president of the Gaming Club Network for the past three years. It has been great fun (and hard work), but at the weekend I stood down so I can spend more time concentrating on work and the family. I’m not quite disappearing off the face of the planet gaming wise because I’m still a GCN Rep for Hampshire, and I’m also involved with a new club called Legion of Snake Eyes.

Anyway, best of luck to my replacement, Tony Barnes from COGS and a big thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped the GCN during my term.

And finally, yes, Major Haley worked rather nicely last night in a small Warmachine game against my usual Cyrx opponent. A turn two warcaster kill setup by Black 13 and executed by Thorn. Very tidy.

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