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Where’s The Old Guy?


OK, in fairness, I still have and I’m still going to use Commander Adept Nemo. However one of the brilliant things about Warmachine is that the entire flavour of an army can be changed by replacing just one model, the warcaster.

So because I like the model, and because I picked it up cheap in the Games Shop in Aldershot; I have Major Victoria Haley as my second Cygnar warcaster. Whilst she is still very squishy, her abilities are aimed more at supporting the rest of the army, and screwing with your opponents.

Although tailoring my list to Haley would probably be necessary to get the most out of her, but for the time being I’m going to use her with Nemo’s list. Thorn obviously is her jack so that will work better (channeling in close combat, yummy!); and Black 13 will definitely get some use out of her Deadeye spell.

The rest, I need to figure out by using the her.

In the meantime, here’s a piccie.

2 thoughts on “Where’s The Old Guy?

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