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Another Battle Report

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Firstly, Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2011 will be a good one for everyone out there. So what have I been up to over the break? Not too much actually, apart from sticking stuff together, more often than not using pins.

Anyway, my first game of the year was this evening against my long time opponent Dave OJ and his Cyrx. Now to put this in context, we played a 25 point game last week and Dave’s guys didn’t do great. However given a week studying his force book, and building the Death Jack, Dave was keen to have another go.

This time he bought Deneghra, a Skarlock Thrall, some Bane Thralls, a couple of Bonejacks, and the big boy. In contrast, I took my previous Nemo list, swapping out a few models to squeeze in a Firefly and Storm Tower.

So how did it go? Very very very badly, for the Cyrx. Now I’ve learnt how to use Black 13 they were incredibly effective; and the Firefly enabled me to pull off three triangulations with the Storm Smiths. Electro leap also caused a lot of damage, although I think I was lucky with judging the range of my Storm Tower for its first shot. Again, Dave’s jacks spent most of the game disrupted, although this time my Centurion had to get his spear dirty to take down the Death Jack (just one hit did the trick).

Poor Dave was a little demoralised and has now tasked me with building a Cyrx army to take on my Cygnar (any suggestions gratefully received). I also need to get some more warcasters painted because Nemo plays very defensively; effective for destroying armies,  but he is yet to earn a caster kill.

Methinks Major Haley might be the next thing to paint…

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