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Its taken a while, but I’ve finally played a few more games of Warmachine. In my latest outing last night at club, my 25 point Cygnar list took on Dave OJ’s undefeated Cryx horde.

To recap, at 25 points my Cygnar at based around Commander Adept Nemo, with a Centurion, Thorn, a Squire, a Journeyman Warcaster (Junior), three Stormsmiths, Black 13th Strike Team and one merc, Harlan Versh.

In contrast, Dave’s force was centred around Iron Lich Asphyxious, a Reaper Helljack, three Bonejacks, units of Bane Tralls and Mechanithralls, and a Necrosurgeon.

As I’m still learning the rules, we opted for a straight forward scrap, and as Dave deployed first, he got the first turn.

Now considering Warmachine is suppose to be uber-brutal, our first two turns involved a lot of manoeuvring for position. My forces mostly stayed castled around Nemo, whilst Dave’s entire army (except the Bane Tralls) moved to my left to outflank me.

To encircle me, Dave pushed his Bane Tralls right down the middle. A cunning plan based on their Stealth ability. Unfortunately for Dave, Black 13th were equipped to deal with such things and between them and Junior, most of the unit was cut down.

Left with the choice of hiding and waiting for me, or charging across the town square, Dave bought out his entire army en mass. This was going to be my only opportunity to do damage bought he got to my lines so it was time to pop Nemo’s feat.

Nemo’s feat is not hugely impressive, however it has its moments and he successfully damaged three jacks and disrupted them. The rest of the turn, and the following turn, involved me throwing Chain Lightning spells around and chipping away at Dave’s jacks before finally charging Thorn and the Centurion into the remaining two bonejacks.

At the end, most of Dave’s army had been destroyed. Unfortunately Asphyxious teleported out of harms way, free to continue his nefarious plans another day.

What have I learned? Well, Harlan is a monster against anything with upkeep spells and Junior’s hand cannon is also surprising good. I have also learned that I must try to remember all the rules, spells I have in play (kept on forgetting about Deflection).This Nemo list seems to work by chipping away piece by piece at the enemy and it takes a lot of thinking to make it work.

Anyway, a great game against a great opponent, and nailbitingly close right until the end. Very cool.

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