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Its Silly I Tell You

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Its the 14th November and I’m typing this blog from Champion of Champions (because I was silly and volunteered to help). For the benefit of anyone unfamiliar with this event, the idea is quite simple.

In the South of England there are a lot of clubs running Warhammer 40000 doubles tournaments, so some of them teamed up to link their events. The idea is the top two teams from each club event where entered into a final tournament, the Champion of Champions.

As this is the first year, the event is a little rough around the edges, however all 28 teams are enjoying themselves (and we are up to game two now), and there are some really nice armies, although quite a few have nob bikers or thunder wolves.

Anyway, this comes back to the title. My favourite army here is a all-female Space Wolf army. Partly because they are all converted, but mostly because when given the option to field a sick unit of Thunder Wolves, Sarah adopted to arm them all with the same weapons.* Fantastic!

If anyone is interested in the results, they will be posted on the GCN website at somepoint this week.

* Because of the wound allocation rules in 5th edition Warhammer 40000, multi-wound models in unit are very nasty if armed with different weapons and/or equipment; therefore Ork Nob Bikers and Thunder Wolves are very very popular at the moment.

UPDATE: The results are now available here.

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