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It’s Electric!


Anyone watching my old blog (or the GCN Gaming forum) will probably be aware that I’m building a Cygnar army for Warmachine. Well, I’m happy to announce I have finally got 25 points painted! So what’s in there?

To start with we have Commander Nemo, a Centurion heavy warjack, Thorn (a character light warjack), a Squire and three Stormsmith Stormcallers. Nothing new there…

Next up, to reach 20 points, I’ve added the Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team. These guys whilst nice models, are 25mm not 28mm scale and a complete git to paint. I’m quite tempted to replace them if they work really well (I already have a suitable replacement for Ryan).

And finally, I have my Storm Tower and Journeyman Warcaster (aka the Duracell Bunny for Nemo).  These guys are continuing the ‘lightning’ theme of this army, something I’m planning to reinforce by adding a Firefly light warjack, Thunderhead, and a unit of (Danish) Storm Guard.

The aim is to get to 50 points finished before the end of the year (like that will happen!). After that I’ve got a few more jacks to add and two other Cygnar warcasters to paint up; all just to add a few options if I want them.

That should keep me going for a bit.

12 thoughts on “It’s Electric!

  1. Lovely paintjob on the models.

    How’s the playing going ? I’ve got a few games in my Menoth now, and I’m slowly getting better. I recently had an excellent game against Druids, got a big careless when I was definietely winning and he was pulled forwards by magical trickery shooting and then charged by a heavy warbeast 🙂


    • Thanks Rathstar! I really need to get some more games in, however work is not helping on that front.
      I have every intention of getting a couple of game in the week after next when I’m back at home. That’s the plan anyway…

  2. Hi,

    I’m playing Cygnar to, and I like to shoot my opponents to bits. What i don’t like is the gun mages have only 4 positions. so if i like to field an 6 man squad i’l have 2 twins pairs :D. So please tell me what is your alternative for Ryan, or anybody else for that mater. My trenchers are suffering from the same syndrome… Or some conversions. I dont like to have an clone army 🙂

    • I’ve got the Iron Kingdoms Ordic Pistoleer to use as Ryan, or a gun mage captain. The gun mages themselves look like easy targets for head swaps. 🙂 Can’t help with the trenchers because I’m not intending to use them.

  3. Your army is lovely! Mind if I ask what paints did you use? P3?

    • I normally use Citadel paints, plus a handful of Vallejo and Coat d’arms paints. This said, since GW have just changed their entire range, I’ll probably be looking for alternatives.

  4. Very nice! I just discovered your blog and am inspired to delve back into my Cygnar. I’d love to know your paint scheme if you are willing to share it. Thanks!

    • Thanks Ragamuffin! I should probably post a step by step guide to my NMM gold and blue when I finally start my gun mages!
      In the meantime, the blue is GW Ultramarine Blue highlighted up to Ice Blue.
      The gold is more complex. It starts with GW’s Catalin Brown, then goes Snakebite Leather, then to Vermin Brown, then to Bleached Bone and finally up to pure White. And there is lots of blending involved.

      • Thanks! I’d love a tutorial; sadly that link you posted for the NMM is no more. What did you use to get such a nice grey?

      • Umm, it’s a shame if that NMM article has disappeared. Anyway, the grey is built up from GW’s Adeptus Battlegrey, then Codex grey, Fortress Grey, Vallejo Stonewall Grey, and final Stonewall Grey mixed with White.

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