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And So It Begins…

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Welcome to the first hobby post of this blog. Rather than actually talking about my current projects, I thought I’d take some inspiration from Neil Sharp’s blog; and write about some of my wargaming history, specifically the Warhammer 40000 armies I have not been painting stuff for in the next couple of years.

clip_image002.jpgDeath Guard, 13th Company

Painted in a month (a record for me) for one of Spiky Club’s Starsmash tournaments, this is my only Chaos army of any description. They are definitely an elite army with only 27 models in total (including the tanks).

These tend to come out when I want a change or I’m playing the bad guys.

The First Naval Cadre, Dal’yth Prime

My tau army started as an experiment. One of my regular opponents at the time was moaning that Tau did not work (just after being pounded by my Death Guard). Never one to step back from a challenge, I bought the tau codex later that week and started to scheme…

In fairness, the idea of a technologically advanced race in the Warhammer 40000 universe really appealed to me, as did the tanks and the combine arms approach to warfare. This was a perfect opportunity to build an army that worked together.

These guys were my primary tournament army for a very long time, winning a couple of tournaments and even getting a best army award. As a very tactical army they are fun, but normally require a lot of thought to use effectively.

The Paladins of Titan

Grey Knight on patrol

I started painting my Blood Angels a long time ago, however painting red gore is hard work so a took a break and starting painting some Grey Knight allies. Before I knew it, I was working on a Daemonhunters army and the Blood Angels’ went on the backburner for a while.

Originally, this was meant to be an ‘army in a case’ so it is pretty small force. Unfortunately that plan didn’t entire work out because of the vehicles (including a Land Raider Crusader), although the total model count is not high. In combat, they are tricky to use and people tend to underestimate them; however they did ok at ASMOH 2007 placing a respectable 6th.

And the rest…

OK, there is more; there’s even stuff for Fantasy, Epic, Battlefleet Gothic and some other systems. However I will leave those for another time; partly because my two other 40K armies are connected to my two newest 40K armies; but mainly because I do not have any pictures of these forces on this computer.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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